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Webinar Nov 16th by Prof Simon Mitchell: Hydrogen-oxygen 230 m CCR dive

Updated: Sep 15

Photo credit: Richard Harris (

If you were curious which webinar to attend - there is no reason to worry. This is the single most important and fascinating webinar to attend if you have the slightest interest in technical diving.

February 2023 Dr Richard Harris completed the (as far as we know) the first-and-only Hydrogen-Oxygen (Hydrox) recreational CCR dive. Dr Harris reached 230 m water depth in a cave in New Zealand, This was a technical, operational and logistical challenge and we really advice you to read the article on Gue's webpage.

Dr Harris was supported by a large team, including Prof Simon Mitchell. Prof Mitchell is a specialist in anaesthesiology, highly acknowledged scientist and himself a technical diver. We asked whether he would be willing to share his experience and knowledge of this dive with us. It is impossible to express our appreciation when Prof Mitchell confirmed that he would do so.

So: On Thursday Nov 16h, at 20:00 CET (UTC+1 h) Simon Mitchell will present the background, preparation and execution of this extraordinary dive.

You would not like to miss this. Please join us. We will post the Zoom login details as we get closer to the arrangement.

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