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Completed: Webinar - April 10th19:00 From ocean to space

Updated: Apr 10

Dr. Miroslav Rozloznik. Ostrava University and DAN Europe representative (Slovakia)

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Dr. Miroslav Rozloznik is a research scientist and lecturer of hyperbaric medicine at Ostrava University in the Czech Republic and a DAN Europe representative for Slovakia. His more than 20 years of baromedical research includes the role as chief scientific officer for the Hydronaut Project for which he has been leading experiments in physiology, microbiology, medicine, and space psychology.

The Norwegian Baromedical Society is delighted to have him as a webinar speaker at our 2024 digital annual meeting where he will present highlights of the underwater analog space missions carried out during the underwater leg of the Hydronaut project. This webinar is held in English to facilitate an international audience, with participation open for non-members.


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